Artist Statement

How much of the universe can fit in a line? Can line be an extension of my thoughts and feelings without literally representing something? I have been exploring and probing this question in my prints and collage paintings for some time. The immediacy of expression through line and mark making is inspiration for my work as it relates to my love for the natural world, my interest in music, and the physical act of engaging with my materials as they assert and yield to the creative process. How people communicate in a nonverbal way continues to interest me and by creating a visual language through the action of the hand I am able to reach beyond the tangible, the knowing and unknowing. Line acts as a metaphor for life forces which can range from world affairs to personal human emotions responding to love, hate, fear, joy. I work within an abstract format and enjoy a certain freedom from literal associations. I am an experimenter who  willingly hands myself over to process. There are several printmaking techniques that I frequently use in conjunction with acrylic paints, charcoal, India ink and charcoal. Among those techniques are monotype, silkscreen, woodcut and linoleum block printing, all of which can be hand printed without a press.  Each of these printmaking techniques is made up of many steps which establish a “get down to work” focus to my practice. Flowing from the focus is a meditative mindset that feeds my creativity. So, in short, WORK begets CREATIVITY.