Artist Statement

For me, making art is the pursuit of documenting life. Painting, drawing and printmaking are my primary tools for exploring personal expression through the interaction of line, color, pattern and texture within an abstract format. Improvisation is an important part of my process allowing a important dialogue to take place between me and my work.  For the past several years collage has played an integral role in how the works were constructed. The collage papers were made from a variety of prints (relief, monotype, silkscreen) and the works bantered about over time arriving at completeness after a working and reworking of the image. Presently my work has taken a more meditative turn. Line remains my vehicle for deeply felt personal expression, but now color rhythms and relationships are central to the work. Still, each painting is its own journey and arrives with an individuality that describes a particular world.

My paintings are an invitation for viewers to enter a space that is open to interpretation and contemplation. The works reveal themselves slowly over time. They are just as likely to be read as metaphors for contemporary life as personal meditations. The paintings are a reflection of the world as I see it through a nonobjective visual language.