Artist Statement

For me, making art is a philosophical pursuit that documents life through the interaction of line, color, pattern and texture within an abstract format. Improvisation is an important part of my process.  For a time I was interested in compositions that bantered about and ultimately arrived at completeness through a kind of dialogue between myself and the work. Recently my work has taken a more meditative turn. Line remains my vehicle for deeply felt personal expression. Each painting is its own journey and arrives with an individuality that describes a particular world.

What engages and challenges me most is a process that often combines a variety of different media: monotype, woodcut, silkscreen, and linoleum block prints; ink, oil stick, charcoal and acrylics. My paintings are an invitation for viewers to enter a space that is open to interpretation and contemplation. The works are just as likely to be read as metaphors for contemporary life as personal meditations. The paintings are a reflection of the world as I see it through a nonobjective visual language.